Stay the night in the backcountry so you don’t miss any of the action. Or enjoy the solitude and unique experience of having an incredible camp to yourself, tucked away in a quiet canyon or on a cliff with an epic vista below.

Southern Utah is a huge geographical area. While places may look close on a map, canyons, mountains, and cliffs provide formidable obstacles out, and rough dirt roads mean travel can be slow.

Taking several hours to just enjoy one day of hiking in places like Escalante or Capitol Reef can require several hours of travel each way, and means missing numerous other excellent hikes and attractions in the same area.

If you want to take advantage of all these hiking and Jeep trail options, or if you’re a photographer who wants to shoot sunset, astrophotography, and then catch the sunrise in the backcountry, we have the solution for you.

Your base camp adventure will combine our Jeep tours, guided hikes, and stargazing experience all in one unforgettable experience!

tent on the cliff edge of alstrom point, overlooking lake powell


We hold numerous permits throughout Southern Utah, and will tailor your base camp adventure for what you want to experience and see. A few types of options we can offer

Hiking focused

  • Waterpocket Fold slot canyons
  • Grand Staircase-Escalante slot canyons
  • Horseshoe Canyon (Canyonlands NP)

Photography focused

  • Cathedral Valley
    • Sunset, astrophotography, and sunrise at the Temples of the Sun and Moon
  • Factory Butte – sunset and astrophotography around Factory Butte, sunrise at Moonscape Overlook

Unique camps and adventures

  • Camp cliff side over Lake Powell, the next day we’ll hit the beach!
  • Tuck away in a quiet canyon
  • Alpine lakes, bring your fishing rods
  • Search for wild bison herds on the Henry Mountains, bag a peak on the same trip!


Prices vary depending on location, activities you’d like to do, meals and food, and style of camping: We can provide everything from basic camping options to luxurious glamping-style safaris.


We can provide everything from basic camping options to luxurious glamping-style camps.

Food and Meals

All meals and snacks will be provided by your guides. We’ll work with you before hand to establish a menu that will make you happy and keep you fueled for adventure.

Your guides will use fresh, real ingredients – anything from grass-fed steak, pasta dishes, salads, curries, vegetarian and gluten free options as well – we are excellent cooks.

Camp Setup

We use top of the line tents and gear. We’ll set up your tents, camping chairs, start the fire, cook your meal, and can provide a tour of the night sky with a laser.

We know being cold, uncomfortable, and close to the ground is one of the biggest hesitance behind camping – we’ll provide warm sleeping bags, silk liners, down blankets, and cots and comfortable, insulated pads.

Keeping Clean

We can provide tent-enclosed solar showers, bathrooms with flush toilets, and camping sinks.