Tackling the Hayduke Trail? On a bicycle tour on Highways 12, 24 and beyond?

We want to help make sure your adventure runs smoothly. Contact us if you want conditions on trails and firsthand knowledge of weather and roads or in need of a friendly face and hand if a non-emergency situation arises (we are WFR certified, but call 911 in case of life-or-death situations!)

We can drop off supplies on your route, or if you’d like an address to order and pick up something you may be missing, we’d be happy to help with that as well.

Cacheing Services

If your epic adventure could benefit from a food, water, or gear cache, we can assist you.

If we can cache your gear on an established tour route, we will be happy to do so at no extra cost other than whatever supplies we drop off. Additional hiking or driving on our part may require an extra fee.

We’ll put notes on your supply cache to prevent any outside inteference, and provide you with GPS pins and landmarks so you can easily find your supplies as you pass through.

The Hayduke Trail and several bicycle tour and bikepacking routes take roads and routes we drive on our tours.

"Rescue Service"

We have experience with bicycle tours of our own. Owner Mason has first-hand experience dealing with breakdowns and repairs in remote spots that required “rescue.”

Reach out before your trip, we can be your accountability buddies. We will do what we can if you require “rescue” in backcountry areas, but cell service is extremely limited in the area. We recommend use of satellite communication devices in our backcountry areas.

two backpackers and a dog in the distance hiking the paria canyon, utah-arizona border