Tour Description

This tour takes place inside Capitol Reef National Park at our quiet, “secret” spot. It is natural, exceptionally dark, and provides an immersive experience and clear view of our night sky.

We meet at the parking lot of the Rim Rock Inn, near the lobby about an hour after sunset. We’ll confirm the meeting time with you that day based on weather and clouds forecast. Please arrive on time, we can’t make everyone attending wait for you, our location in the park can be hard to find and cell coverage will be unreliable. You will not be given a refund outside of extenuating circumstances. Plan your dinner and travel arrangements accordingly.

After everyone has checked in, you’ll follow us in your own vehicle to our stargazing spot. You will have to drive about 1/2 a mile on a maintained dirt road, usually suitable for even sports cars to drive on (when affected by weather, we will shuttle you from a paved parking area to our location.)

We’ll keep you updated the day of your tour on any weather or cloud forecasts that may affect our stargazing program. We’ll confirm the tour prior to departure. Tours may need to be pushed back or rescheduled to another day.

We provide 100% refunds if canceled due to weather.

Good to know

A minimum of six bookings are required for program to proceed. Should that not be met, you’ll be given the option to purchase the additional “seats” or be given a full refund.

We cap our tours at 30 people. We do bring additional guides and telescopes to make sure everyone gets a chance to see the night sky and enjoy our program.

There is no bathroom at our location, so make sure to go before. We are prepared in case of emergencies, but there is little cover for you outside of the darkness.

If you want to see one of the best Milky Ways in the night sky or learn how the Moon affects our program, we highly recommend checking out our stargazing guide and FAQs  and calendar to help plan your trip.